Re-certification period is due five years after initial certification for all levels and domains. It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to initiate the re-certification process through application up to a maximum of six months from their certificate expiry date. An extension may be provided by the IPMA Certification Body (CB) up to 12 months from the certificate expiry date, only with justification.

The table below indicates the requirements that a professional should fulfil in order to maintain their certification level.

As can be derived from this table, the professional has to spend enough time, at the applicable level, in a responsible role, and has to maintain their professional competence by renewing their knowledge.

More details  about whole certification and recertification procedure can be found in the document IPMA- International Certification Regulation ICR4 (download).

Re-certification steps

The flowchart below describes the re-certification process for all levels and domains. As indicated, this is a much simpler process than the process to become certified for the first time, since the professional has already achieved certification in a previous period.